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Handmade Soaps and Lotion from

Hand Milked Goats

All of our soaps take natural & handmade to the next level. Unlike many other goats milk soaps and lotion, we do not use powdered milk or outsource any part of the collection of goats milk or the production of our soap. Our milk goes directly from the barn to our home to be incorporated with high quality ingredients to create every bar of soap and every bottle of lotion. 


Benefits of Goats Milk

Farm fresh goats milk naturally contains AHA's, such as lactic acid, that aids in the removal of dead skin and benefits all skin types - including boosting hydration levels, repairing the skins natural barrier, preventing fine lines and wrinkles & reducing acne. 


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Welcome to the GD Farm! 


At the GD Farm, we love all of our animals.  What started as an agricultural property rehab in 2019 has now transformed into a fully functioning farm in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas. We started hand milking goats in 2020 and are absolutely fascinated with the endless possibilities from the farm fresh milk our goats produce. 

Our goats are free to roam the property and only supplemented with natural minerals and locally sourced grain. We are passionate about creating products with natural ingredients and incorporating our goats milk to create soaps that are beneficial and suitable for all skin types. 

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3442 N 123rd St. Kansas City, KS 66109

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