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Our goats milk body butter product line is truly a farm favorite.  We never thought that we would have such a love for lotion.  Don't be fooled by claims on commercially produced lotions and creams- just take a look at the ingredient list!  Our butter is made to go on smooth and soak right into the skin.  As you may guess, we wash our hands A LOT on the farm.  Our hands get beat up from chores and projects, the winter weather is terrible for skin with the constant in and out of farm life- we go through a lot of lotion on the farm. 

In our product, goats milk is the number one ingredient.  The butter contains all of the same quality ingredients as our soap with the same benefits of nourishing your skin.  Our product has the consistency of a expensive hand cream in several convenient size and scent options.  We have perfected the recipe for a non-greasy, fast absorbing, every day skin product.  We even use some of our extra unscented lotion on our pets dry noses, paws and udders of our milkers.

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