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About the Farm

The GD Farm is a small family owned farm in Kansas City, KS.  We started our farm in 2019 that rapidly grew into our dream home.  We purchased several goats to start our herd in 2019 and in 2020, we added several babies to the group.  We quickly learned that milking goats is a favorite part of our day.  Each goat runs to the milk stand and is happily milked.  They love the special attention and extra grain.  Each girl is a bit different and each has their own personality.  

We also have chickens and ducks that provide us with farm fresh eggs daily.  They free range in the yard during the day under the watchful eye of Alice, our flock protector.  The chickens also have friendly roommates including turkeys and guineas who also provide us with eggs.  Turkey eggs are extra large and have a similar taste to chicken eggs.  Guinea eggs are small tear drop shaped with super hard shells. 


In the pasture with the goats, we have two horses, Suni and Kai.  Suni is a dark bay Quarter Horse and Kai is a Bay Quarter horse.  Surprisingly, the goats and horses get along great.  The goats walk under the horses and it is a great training technique for the horses to not spook.  Teddy, the goat protector, is one of the best dogs a farm could ask for.  Teddy watches over the animals, day and night.  We feel confident that our animals are safe with Teddy standing guard.   

We recently added a Jersey milk cow to our Farm Family.  Toffee (orginally named #67) had her first calf in January, Mocha.  Toffee gets milked twice a day and also feeds Mocha as much as she wants!  They have been a great addition to the farm and we love the fresh milk.

Of course, to complete the farm, we have a couple of barn cats who really enjoy the extra goats milk.  They are great with all of the animals and visitors.  

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