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Community Involvement

At The GD Farm, we believe in the importance of community involvement and education. We are proud to have the support of our local community and love having visitors come and learn about what we do. Our team is dedicated to not only providing quality products but also to teaching others about farming and the importance of sustainability. Whether you’re looking for a fun farm experience or seeking to learn more about where your food comes from, we welcome you to our farm.

Olathe milking.jpg

Olathe Animal Science

The GD Farm is proud supports of Olathe Animal Science students for annual field trips to visit the farm to learn about handling large animals, animal husbandry and running a small business.  

Farm Events

We love farm visitors!  The farm hosts annual farm days with animal meet and greets, learning, and games!

Farm days.jpg
Beer grains.jpg


Community is KEY!  We happily take spent beer grains from Range23 that would be trashed after processing.  The animals absolutely love the fresh, warm grains!

Real Men Read

Community outreach, near and far, is what the farm stands for.  Reading to kids in public schools with a bit of a farm twist was an absolute blast!


Speckman Honey

Local products are what we thrive on.  The farm houses honey bees from Speckman Honey.  The Speckman team manages, cares and harvests the honey and the farm benefits of the pollinators traveling all over the farm.  SAVE THE BEES!

Girl Scouts

Much like the farm, volunteering within the community drives our mission.  When the farm had the opportunity to teach local girl scouts about farming AND earn a badge for volunteering we gladly jumped on the opportunity for a helping hand and a day full of learning.

Girl scouts.jpg


We understand hard work on the farm and raising quality animals.  We gladly support our local 4H kids and their hard work.

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