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All of our soaps take natural & handmade to the next level. Unlike many other goats milk soaps and lotion, we do not use powdered milk or outsource any part of the collection of goats milk or the production of our soap. Our milk goes directly from the barn to our home to be incorporated with high quality ingredients to create every bar of soap.

Goats milk soap is more gentle on your skin compared to most commercially made soaps that can strip your skin of its natural moisture and oils.  Goats milk is rich in nutrients from fatty acids and cholesterol, which make up most of the components in your skin membrane.  The milk also contains Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) that gently exfoliate your skin. While we cannot make medical claims about our soap, evidence has shown that the AHA's in goats milk have been used to treat a variety of skin conditions such as scars, age spots and hyperpigmentation.  The probiotics and Lactobacillus in goats milk may support a healthy skin microbiome with some anti-inflammatory effects because the soap does not strip the skins natural lipids.

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